The Machine – Module 1, 2, 3 & 4 + 5 & 6 Updated + Bonus

Name Product: The Machine – Module 1, 2, 3 & 4 + 5 & 6 Updated + Bonus
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Author: Ryan Deiss
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I felt that it was important to write a detailed review on Ryan’s “The Machine” Coaching Program because overall, it’s an investment that I made from which I have gained an exponential amount of information that has already begun to bear fruit. If you need to expand your business and grow your bottom line, but you also need to learn how to market and attract customers, this may be worth the buy.
Product Review:
Training Video Series:
This program, based on 6 modules with various elements within each module, is remarkably structured and broken down into segment’s
that are in video format. At times the sheer amount of information can be overwhelming, but these modules are absolutely learn-able.

The introduction video segments (a total of 4) that precede the actual coaching or training, in my humble opinion, are intended to provide
novices, with an overview of the modules in the most basic form. Ryan begins by preparing you for the abundant information included
within the program (the coaching/training videos that follow).
Module 1: The first module is referred to as the Core Strategies and consists of 10 coaching videos. The videos cover Segmentation, Content,
Messaging, Auto-responders, Broadcasts, Campaign Strategies, Lead Generation, Landing Pages, the role of E-mail and Action Items.
Module 2: The Second Module is referred to as the Indoctrination Module and consists of four videos, plus bonus material. The videos cover the concept of Indoctrination and sets up an Indoctrination sequence, discusses Open Loops and Bouncing as they relate to E-mail marketing, he defines each aspect of these terms and how they fit into an E-mail marketing campaign. Also included are 4 sets of E-mail templates that can be used for Welcome E-mails, Best of Campaigns, Bonding Campaigns and “how can I help” Campaigns. Ryan gives detailed definitions and expands on their use.
Module 3: The Third Module is referred to as the Engagement Modules and comes in 5 videos. Here Ryan covers the details on how this program can work with any product or service, reviews the Engagement process and discusses why a “thank you” page is important. In addition, he gives a clear idea of how you can determine the length of your campaign and presents you with a Roadmap worksheet to assist you in planning your own engagements. As a bonus, Module 3 includes a whopping 13 templates covering all the aspects of Engaging with proven methods.
Module 4: The Fourth Module is referred to as Segmentation. This module consists of six videos that cover the segmentation method; this is the module that introduces you the techniques that will help you monetize your business. It includes 6 templates to get you in gear and are, like the rest, easy to copy and paste.
Module 5: The Fifth Module, known as the Ascension Module consists of 5 videos and informs you on how to convert a visitor or prospective buyer into an actual buyer, this Module, like the last three Modules, includes 7 helpful templates.
Module 6: The Sixth and final Module is referred to as the Re-Engagement Model and is pretty self-explanatory. This Module coaches you on re-engaging and response methods and includes 3 resourceful templates.
Bonuses: The Machine comes fully inclusive of 5 bonuses that encompass, Social List Building, Email Copy Writing, Email Deliverability, Email Hacks and Tracking and Metrics, all valuable tools.
Extras: There is a load of additional helpful coaching tools; in addition there are scheduled coaching calls.

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