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How We Leverage Facebook Retargeting To (Practically) DOUBLE Our Sales
How You Can Followup and Convert Your Non-Buyers Into Paid Customers…Even If You Don’t Have Their Email Address
seems that everyone these days is talking about using Facebook Ads and other paid traffic strategies…

And that’s smart! Facebook is a great source of traffic.
But here’s the problem: If you’re only buying Facebook ads, you’re losing up to 52% of your sales. (We were.)
Fortunately, we were able to plug this hole in our marketing plan by deploying “boomerang-style” followup ads to everyone who hits our site…even if they don’t opt-in or buy.
It’s called “retargeting.”
Chances are you’ve heard of retargeting. You may have even setup a campaign or two, because you likely understand that sales rarely occur on the first visit. (Think about it, even if your site has an amazing conversion rate, that still means that 90 – 95% of your visitors are leaving WITHOUT making a purchase.)
So again, you probably know you should be “following up.”
You probably even WANT to follow up…
The challenge is, most marketers simply don’t know HOW to follow up…especially to their “leavers.”

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