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Increase your Affiliate Marketing & Product sales with simple videos (& NO FILMING): Your biz on Page #1 of Google
You Will Learn…
Advanced keyword research techniques
Exactly how to create each YouTube video, down to picking the topic and what to say
How to optimize your videos to get Page 1 Google search results literally overnight
How to turn these videos and rankings into pure profit

Today, only about 25% of businesses that have a website use video marketing in their online campaigns. YouTube marketing is one of the best kept secrets in the in tire internet marketing world. But the word is starting to leak out, so you want to act fast.
RIGHT NOW: You can currently rank overnight, but as YouTube grows this will not always be the case. YouTube has grown to 50 BILLION VIEWS per day…and it’s still just getting started!
This course gives you a clear, actionable process to get started NOW – with NO FILIMING. So enroll today and let’s start getting you some results.

– Robert Scot
What are the requirements?

Have a product or service you are planning to sell with a video campaign? Make sure to be expertly familiar with your subject matter.
You should have a YouTube account.
What am I going to get from this course?

Over 19 lectures and 2 hours of content!
You’ll learn why YouTube is the Affiliate Marketer’s best friend
You’ll find out why and how FREE YouTube uploads get you to the top of Google – and grow your sales
Everything you always wanted to know about Keywords and Keyword Phrases – and why they matter
You will discover the critical role played by KeyWords in Search Engine Optimization.
You will become expert at identifying profitable KeyWords and KeyWord Phrases for YOUR product or service.
You will script your optimized videos with ease.
Achieve STUNNING search engine results without ever shooting a single frame of video.
Get ready to record VoiceOvers, with the confidence of a pro.
What is the target audience?

Affiliate Marketers looking for THE edge
You know you need video to promote your product or service.
You are not crazy about getting on camera.
Or, your product speaks for itself! An actor would take away from the impact of your sales video …
Or … Your budget simply will not accommodate the added expense of live video.
Or … You get it … It’s not about the actors … It’s about getting your product or service video to the top of Google. And, this is the most efficient way to do it

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