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However, picture this for a moment…
Imagine being taken by the hand and having everything we know DUMPED INTO YOUR BRAIN, so that you can start seeing an income beginning this month.
If you’re truly serious about doing what we believe is HANDS DOWN the fastest way to make a 5-figure monthly income, then we’ve got something that can get you there quick.
But first, ask yourself if any of this is true…
Are you tired of trying to “figure it all out” on your own and ready to finally see success in online marketing?
Do you NOT have the luxury or time to wait 6 months to see a full-time online income, and you want something to happen for you immediately?
Does the idea of “selling” to local businesses (or to anyone) make you cringe?
Do you not feel qualified enough to go out and close thousands of dollars worth of contracts for online marketing?
If so, then pay very close attention. As you read every word of this letter, you’ll see how you can get one-on-one, close attention from us so you can start seeing results immediately and do it in your spare time.
You’ll learn the exact secrets we use to grow our business.

Consider this…
I spoke at several networking events that involved many local business owners, and I talked about some very basic online marketing tips (things that you already know). It blew me away how many people there took pages and pages of notes DILIGENTLY as I spoke about the most easiest online marketing tactics.
And I was floored when I got swarmed by these local business owners afterwards for 45 minutes because they were starving for this information (stuff that you already know!)
What’s even more astonishing is that these local businesses have so-so websites that are hardly producing any results for them, even though all of their online competition is just as bad. Getting results for them can be a piece-of-cake for you.
Let me prove it to you…
Any search engine expert will tell you that in order to get ranked highly on Google, you MUST get links from other websites in your niche pointing back to your site. The more high quality back-links your website has, the higher Google will rank you.
Take a look at how many back-links this highly ranked website has for “dog training” (it competes with every website in the entire WORLD):
Now look at how many back-links this highly ranked website has for “Dallas plumbing” (it only competes with websites locally in Dallas, TX):
As you can see, the top ranked website for “Dallas plumbing” only has 129 links pointing to it, compared to 3,380 links for the top ranked “dog training” website! Getting 129 back-links is infinitely easier, and only requires the most basic SEO techniques that you (or anyone) can learn within minutes. And as you noticed, the other ranked sites only had a handful of links.
You can get a website highly ranked for a local search on Google just by doing very basic SEO 101! It’s THAT easy, and we’ll show you exactly how to do it part time.

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