Julez Tang- FB Viral Blitz Formula

Name Product: Julez Tang- FB Viral Blitz Formula
Market price: $997
Author: Julez Tang
Size: 1.6 GB
Website Sale:http://fbviralblitzformula.com/

Complete with 1-Hour, Live Training-Packed, Mastermind Style Webinar Recordings from Alfredo Delgado and Michael Martin, Spilling The Beans on How You Can Use Facebook To Earn Six-Figures Like They Did!

Here’s a Snippet of the Value Packed Inside…
Learn the little known process to start attracting Super, Laser Targeted Leads, who actually care about what you have to offer!
Learn How to Explode and Exploit your warm market and earn cash like you’re vacuuming it right out of their pockets!
Learn How to Take advantage of Facebook’s Graph Search engine to Build Targeted Lists of Prospects and Followers!
Learn How to Create Sales-Driving Facebook posts, that’ll have prospects begging to send their money to you!
Learn How to Lifestyle-driven posts and Create more income, without posting payment proofs!
Learn the absolute, DOs and DON’Ts of marketing your products on Facebook!
Learn secret Team Building strategies, to help keep your downlines on track!

1. Michael Martin’s Secret 20/20/60 Marketing Rule is Revealed to FB Viral Blitz Formula Members!
2. Learn Alfredo Delgado’s Exclusive 100k Generating “How to Generate Sales Every Hour” Method!
3. Learn How to Follow-Up with your Hottest Prospects and Make them convert themselves into sales!
4. Learn Proper Group Posting Techniques that actually pull Traffic, Leads, and Sales instead of aimlessly spamming!

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