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As I promised last week, today I want to give you a “sneak peak” into my new training course on script writing. This isn’t going to be about how to write a script, but something more elemental: how to spot a good sales script, or the deficiencies in a bad script. I chose these pages in particular because they have universal appeal. There’s something of value here for people currently using scripts and for those who are searching for a great script.
After implementing and troubleshooting this system with salespeople from startups to global institutions, I can tell you that the following specific elements MUST be in place for any script to be effective:

1. Use scripts that are proven. Certainty is essential to the sales process. Knowing that your scripts are solid out of the gate minimizes variables and allows you to focus on other elements of the sales process you can improve or make more efficient.
2. Use scripts that are formulaic in nature. Your scripts need to be able to be duplicated, easily understandable for any member of your sales team, and easily adjusted to any industry or for any outcome you desire. By having a basic structure in place, you can quickly and efficiently adapt your scripts to any context.

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