Joerg and Kai – Master Selling On Amazon: Starter

Joerg and Kai – Master Selling On Amazon: Starter
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We know how intimidating selling on Amazon can be. With millions of companies pushing their products in Amazon’s global marketplace, just the first steps of understanding how to set up your product page can seem overwhelming. We are here to take that intimidation out and replace it with confidence. Are you ready to find out how easy it is to be successful on Amazon?

The KAVAJ Story
Five years ago, we had a dream of owning our own company. Without any entrepreneurial experience, no outside funding, no employees and a tiny budget, the odds were stacked against us. But we did not let that get in our way.
We quit our jobs at Amazon Germany and founded our company, KAVAJ, with just one product, an iPad case. We spent the next few years figuring out the best ways to get our product seen and sold on Amazon. We made some mistakes, learned and eventually grew our company of now 10 people to a global business that has brought in $18 million in sales.
Now we are living our dream lives with our families in Germany, working remotely and selling our cases successfully around the world. We’ve found our success and now we’re ready help you find yours.
We want to show you how easy it can be to sell on Amazon. Our Amazon Master course is a series of lessons designed to help you lose the intimidation factor of Amazon’s massive marketplace and give you all the tools you need to become a selling success. If we can do, so can you.

About the Course
The Master Selling On Amazon course is designed to give you our KAVAJ blueprint for selling on Amazon. Through our series of seven modules, we give you every detail of how we went from nothing to an eight-figure business. We will cover what we learned from working at Amazon, what we learned making mistakes on our own with KAVAJ, and how we overcame those mistakes to build a successful company. If you follow our guidelines, in no time you’ll see your revenue increase and customers raving about your product.

About The Instructors
Joerg Kundrath & Kai Klement are the founders of KAVAJ, one of the biggest genuine leather case manufacturers for iPads and iPhones in three countries (Germany, UK & US) on They live in their native Germany where they manage their global team of ten remote employees. Both are married and have two little children each. They share a passion for teaching other business owners how to master selling on Amazon.

Course Modules
Module 1:
Optimize your product page
Optimizing your product page is key to your success. Even some of the biggest brands on Amazon miss out on this obvious and simple opportunity. This module focuses on understanding keywords and how to properly use them to guide customer traffic to your product through Amazon search..

Module 2:
Drive all Customers to your Product Page
This next stage is all about making your marketing efforts as cohesive and effective as possible. If you are like us, you don’t have resources to waste on marketing strategies that will not yield big returns. Module 2 focuses on our tried and true approaches to marketing that bring customers to products.

Module 3:
Get & Manage your product Reviews
One of the most common questions we get asked is how to get and manage product reviews. In this module we share our four strategies on contacting existing customers to request feedback or reviews. You will learn that a simple email can go along way. So get ready to get to know your customers!

Module 4:
Maximize your Amazon conversion
Now that you’ve successfully directed people to your product page, you need to convert them into paying customers. The good news is that everything you need to maximize your conversions is already available on your Amazon product page. In this module, we share our four strategies for conversion.

Module 5:
Build your Brand
It’s time to move beyond the Amazon marketplace and build your brand. In this module, we teach you our keys to incentivize customers to shop with you again and to share your brand with their friends. This customer interaction is essentially a free marketing strategy, so make sure to take advantage.

Module 6:
Watch Your Amazon listings
In this module, we stress the importance of watching your Amazon listings closely. We learned the hard way that once your product is live, it’s possible for it to be removed, hijacked and as well as many other problems. We want to make sure you are aware of anything that can happen once your store is up.

Module 7:
Sell Your Products Worldwide
Finally, once you have your page up and running in your own country, its time to go big. In this last module, we will show you how easy it is to sell your products worldwide on Amazon by covering the countries with the biggest marketplaces. It’s time sell in the US, the EU, Japan

What’s Included In The Course?
1. 36 Video Lessons
This is a series of 36, 10- to 25-minute video lessons grouped into seven modules. All course members will have access to these lessons that cover everything you need to know about setting up and finding success on Amazon. At the end of each lesson we include simple action tasks so you can immediately start implementing what you have just learned.

2. The Kavaj Academy Mastermind Community
Building a business from the ground up is a demanding and all-consuming task. We think it’s absolutely necessary to have a strong support system in place to keep you accountable and grounded. To facilitate this, we’ve set up this private group on Facebook for all our members to gather and share failures, successes and be a sounding board for each other’s ideas.

3. Advanced Training Modules*
Throughout your course membership, we will be releasing advanced training sessions, bringing you the very latest in Amazon sales techniques and best practices. For starters, you’ll get our “Never Sell to Amazon Retail” module, where we walk you through exactly why it’s a bad idea to sell to Amazon directly.

4. Exclusive Expert Interviews*
We know how valuable it is to hear from someone in the industry who has already paved the way. Advanced and VIP members will be able to join in on interviews with some of our favorite experts at selling on Amazon. These sellers will share their wisdom and years of experience in the Amazon marketplace to help you get your business selling.

5. The Vault*
Running a business involves keeping up with emails, customers, products, business partners and a host of other things. To maintain it all, we have developed what we call our Vault of the best tools and resources to keep our business running well and organized. Advanced and VIP members will have access to these tools for Amazon, productivity and social media.

6. Live Training Workshops*
We will both be hopping on webinars for four live workshops over the course of six months. These workshops are essentially Q & A sessions for Advanced and VIP members of the course to ask questions and learn from each other and us. We will be ready to help out with any bumps in the road you might be hitting in your process and making sure you are on track for success.

7. Unlimited Consulting**
For six months, VIP members will have access to Unlimited Consulting with Kai and Joerg for advice and a second set of eyes on their ideas. This includes unlimited Amazon seller consulting via email until their plan runs out, any questions regarding high-level strategy, front-line tactics and anything in between. Just send your questions in and get a response within 72 hours.

8. Two 1-on-1 coaching calls**
Our 1-on-1 Calls are for our VIP course members. In these 30 minute calls, members will have the undivided attention of either Kai or Joerg, to get advice, ask questions about their product page, and have us give any comments and concerns about their process. This will be a great chance to make sure you are right where you need to be, so have your questions ready and we’ll make sure to hit them all.

9. Course Completion Audit**
We are committed to seeing your business grow on Amazon. That’s why once you’ve completed the course, we will personally audit your business on Amazon, going over every aspect of your implementation to ensure you are primed for success .

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