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Most local business owners realize the potential but are sick of being sold SEO services and being promised the world…but don’t get the results they were expecting!
The fact is most local business owners are Jaded. They have been ripped off at least once, and have their guard up before you ever say the first word…you’re just another “snake-oil pusher” to them! They get calls every day from people trying to sell them SEO!

Let’s face it…
Local Business Owners suck
It’s hard to manage their expectations
You get them amazing results, and then
they DITCH you
They think they can get someone to do
it cheaper, or they can do it in house

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Yet, small businesses STILL spent over $37 Billion on online marketing in 2012, and are on track to spend $42 Billion THIS YEAR !
So How can YOU snag a piece of this $42 Billion Dollar Pie, And LOCK THEM IN so they NEVER want to STOP PAYING YOU?
Sell them what they want…RESULTS! Not SEO!!
How can you stand out??
Sell them leads
Sell them on a cost per call
Sell them cost per appointment
Or lease the site a monthly fee
If they know you make money when they make money, it’s SO Much easier to sell than traditional SEO services

The Secret is:
Own the assets that produce results for these local clients!
Set up one of my Lead Gen Client Catcher sites following my simple step-by-step process, and you’ve created your Golden Goose…
Once the site is getting traffic and capturing leads, your Golden Goose is laying those Golden Eggs.
Now that you’ve got a site cranking out solid leads, Get your client using the methods I lay out (exactly as I do it every day) Then you can basically set it and forget it. All you have to do is collect the monthly payments from the local business you are working with.
When you have a system you can easily duplicate, and scale extremely fast, your Income will go through the roof! The only thing between you and your 6 figure lifestyle is only a few sites away…

What the system will give you:
A blueprint for a six-figure scaleable business that will generate steady profits month after month, with very little client management.
A step-by-step system that you can delegate, to free up more time and give you the lifestyle you desire.
Peace of mind knowing you don’t have to work so hard to generate your income.
A business you can sell when you’re ready to kick back and take it easy!

What’s Included?
Cherry Pickin’ – I’ll show you how to make sure you find a niche, where business owners will be begging you to work with them.

Show Me The Money – I’ll show you in this module how to price your leads, based on the niche you decided to go after.. This step will ensure your making as much money possible form this market.

The Numbers Game – tracking is key you have to show your clients exactly what they’re getting, so you keep getting paid!

Site Blueprint- I’ll show you my exact step-by-step process, for putting together sites that make me thousands every month.

Profit Squeezer – In this module we will go over a few simple tweaks that will help you draw 20%-40% more out of each site

Client Catcher – In this module I will share with you how I actually get my clients, to ensure you can get started making money right away! What do you say? Do you need a contract?

Rinse & Repeat – Now it’s time to scale, I’l teach you how to take a winner and scale it fast!

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