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Name Product: Jim Kwik – Kwik Recall Memory Masterclass
Market price: $997
Author: Jim Kwik
Size: 6.8 GB
Website Sale:http://kwiklearning.com/memory/offer/

The World’s Top Executives, Entrepreneurs and Experts Know It: In business and life…
The Two Costliest Words You Can Say Are: “I Forgot…”

When you take risk-free action to try Kwik Recall Masterclass right now, you’re not only getting all 3 months (12 weeks) of live training…

… you’re also getting special fast-action bonuses to make it even more of a ‘no brainer’ to get started today:
Fast-Action Bonus #1 ($1,200 Value):
Take Action Today, And Get 3 Months (12 Weeks) of Question & Answer Coaching Calls!
This is a strictly limited-time bonus, and it’s something I haven’t offered at ANY price with any of my online training programs for over 5 years:
When you try Kwik Recall Masterclass, you’re not only getting all 12 weeks of weekly webinar training sessions…
Every single week you’ll have the opportunity to listen to a Question & Answer Coaching Call.
Private clients pay me a minimum of $2,000 per hour, and for a very limited time you’re getting all the answers to the most popular questions FREE with your investment in Kwik Recall Masterclass.
And to give you an even richer experience with this online memory training, when you get in today you’re also getting…

Fast-Action Bonus #2 ($2000 Value):
Your FREE Ticket to Kwik Recall LIVE!
The final bonus is a gift for both of us. I want you to get the best results of your life, and I want to meet you personally.
I am hosting a private 2 day live event later this year in Southern California, just for all of our new online students of this Masterclass.
It’s a one-of-a-kind deep immersion event! On Day 1, we will do a full-blown review of the entire course, trouble-shooting any areas you need as well as ultimately going deep into the content.
On Day 2, we will focus on challenge and celebration. We will play fun memory games where I test you fully on what you’ve learned. I want to make sure that you own this.
We will have games and prizes, and we’ll finish by awarding all attendees with course completion certificates. Without question, it will be the greatest live memory training event in the world.
If you cannot attend the event, we will make the recordings available to you. While this event ticket originally cost $2,000.00, I would like to extend this invite to you as my personal guest, tuition free.
All you need to do to claim these exclusive bonuses is click the button below and get access to Kwik Recall Masterclass, risk-free, for just $997 today!

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