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Inlcudes the “Opening Range Trading Blueprint” Streaming Course, the live trading session records and the Bonus session. The “Opening Range Trading Blueprint” is a comprehensive initial training course that takes you from the very beginning and transforms you into an advanced Opening Range trader using our complete educational foundation and 5 time-tested trading setups. Our system is based on the Opening Range and the price/volume relationship, concepts that are used by some of the world’s best traders, and offer a proven statistical edge. We developed this training based on our decades of trading on the floor, as hedge fund and managed money traders, and even for our personal accounts. The concept and trade setups taught in the course apply to virtually all styles of trading and time frames.
This is the heart and soul of the entire Opening Range Success Formula. It includes 9 training modules… each focusing on a unique aspect of the Opening Range. As you progress through all of these training modules, your knowledge and confidence will grow.

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