Finch – A Complete Guide to Affiliate Marketing

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A Complete Guide to Affiliate Marketing
First question, how is it different from the Premium Post series?
This is a cohesive start-to-finish, step-by-step guide to affiliate marketing.
It is a 419 page beast that tackles the complex issue of how I would teach somebody to make money from our industry.
There was an amazing response to Premium Posts Volume 2015, but the biggest criticism it faced was that people wanted more structure.
They wanted less nuggets, and more actionable advice.
I’ve had numerous requests for coaching, mentoring and private consulting along these lines, all of which I have refused.
I’m not interested in coaching.
The guide is roughly split in two.
The first half gets newbies and rank beginners up to speed.
The second half ventures in to advanced marketing philosophies that should prove useful, and lucrative, for any affiliate.
I have included some of my own campaigns as examples.
You will see the logic behind their conception, the launch process, the optimisation process, reaching profit, and how I go about scaling.

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