Eben Pagan – Virtual Coach System 2018

Eben Pagan - Virtual Coach System 2018
Eben Pagan – Virtual Coach System 2018
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You Just Pay: $127
Author: Eben Pagan
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Here’s A Breakdown Of The Entire 10 Week Training Curriculum:
The Virtual Coach System
The Virtual Coach gives you a comprehensive system to help you build a coaching practice that you truly LOVE.If you’re just starting out, the Virtual Coach will give you everything you need to become a coach and launch your coaching practice in just 10 weeks.
If you’re already a coach, the Virtual Coach can exponentially increase your coaching skills and show you how to build a powerful system for getting all the clients you need online.
The Virtual Coach System has 7 Key Parts. When you link them all together, they work in perfect synergy to create a “Next Level Coaching Practice”… a practice that has the power to transform lives all over the world.
If you’ve always felt a special calling to help others, and you’ve always dreamed about doing the kind of work that makes a REAL difference in people’s lives… join me for the Virtual Coach and turn your calling into a reality.

Virtual Coach Classes
In the Virtual Coach, we’ll be helping you learn and install the 7 Key Parts of the Virtual Coach System over the next 10 weeks.
You’ll get new classes with me and my world class faculty of coaches every week, for 10 weeks. And because all of the classes are delivered online, you can take them anytime day or night, when it’s most convenient for you.

Part 1:Your Personal Transformation
Become the best coach you can be, by first learning the most powerful models for personal transformation. This ensures you know how to create transformation and success in yourself, before you help others do it too.
You’ll discover the “Success Code” which will help you succeed and feel confident in every area of life – including health, wealth, and relationships.
You’ll also learn my blueprint for personal transformation so you can get to the next level in the six key areas of your life: purpose, mind, relationships, emotions, success, and body.

Part 2:Next Level Coaching
You’ll learn my groundbreaking Next Level Coaching model that will help you support any client through major, life-changing transitions and transformations.
You’ll get my best coaching approaches, scripts, and frameworks so you’ll always know what to say to every client, in every situation, with complete confidence.
I’ll train you step-by-step in how to help your clients get incredible results in their lives – results they will thank you for again and again.

Part 3:Attracting Your Clients
You’ll discover how to create your own “client invitation” that automatically attracts your ideal clients to you.
You’ll get my proven marketing templates, so all you have to do is fill in the blanks and instantly create education based, ethical marketing that will serve your client and make them want to work with you.
You’ll learn the most popular places to find new clients online and how to position yourself so they come to you asking for help and asking how to work with you.

Part 4:Enrolling Your Clients
How to ask questions and present your coaching services in a way that feels natural, credible and compelling to your clients.
You’ll learn the all important skill of how to offer long-term coaching packages, so you can sign up a client for 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, or more.
How to serve your clients even during an enrollment call, so they feel empowered, inspired and ready to take action with you.

Part 5:Social Media Mastery
Building your email list from Facebook: A new marketing technique that gets you connected with real people who want to work with you.
5-minutes per day: Learn how to create massive engagement and lots of free traffic from social media to your website with a cutting-edge “5-minute a day” strategy.
You’ll learn the same system my friend Bret used to get over 2.4 million likes on his Facebook page (and turn many of them into paying clients!).

Part 6:Growing Your Business
I’ve asked an elite group of high-paid coaches to teach special sessions for you on key areas of building confidence, getting clients and growing your coaching business.
Each of these coaches have personally built a coaching practice to between $100K and $1M+ per year in revenue and will be sharing their shortcuts with you… in my experience, these are some of the best mentors in the world.
Each of these coaching mentors is diverse in background and expertise, so you’ll be getting the inside scoop from different niches, from health, to relationships, to business.

Part 7:Your Coaching Toolkit
This can be one of your most important resources for getting your business off the ground quickly because it gives you 10 of my best tools for helping anyone through a transition or transformation.
These life-changing coaching tools are universal. They can work for any coaching specialty (Life Coaching, Health Coaching, Business Coaching, Relationship Coaching, and more).
Having this Next Level Coaching Toolkit will give you incredible confidence to coach and transform people’s lives because these 10 tools will give you a step-by-step roadmap for every coaching session.

Sign Up Now And You Also Get These Bonuses…
Client Getting Mastery
$5,000 Value
This is one of the most valuable bonuses that we have ever given away!
Here’s how it works…
After you complete the Virtual Coach program and you become a Certified Virtual Coach, you will get an entire year in our elite Client Getting Mastery coaching program, completely free.
We designed this coaching program to be the best resource in the world to help you get all the coaching clients you need.
In Client Getting Mastery you’ll get live coaching on…
How to use Google Keyword Planner for free to get clients
How to discover profitable coaching niches (you can have more than one)
How to create irresistible Client Magnets that can bring you a steady stream of new clients
How to use Clickbank for free to get clients
How to find your “perfect match” clients on Facebook, even with a small budget
How to use Google retargeting to deliver your Client Magnets to people’s phones, tablets, watches, and computers
How to use your Client Magnets to get 2-10x more referrals, without spending a penny on advertising
How to get all the coaching clients you need offline, without spending money
How to write the perfect words on your Client Magnets to find your “perfect match” clients
How to create incredible Client Magnets in minutes, without spending a penny on expensive web designers
How to get your Client Magnets delivered online to thousands of interested clients, without spending money on advertising
How to create a Digital Coaching Product that can coach thousands of people around the world simultaneously, without you being there
How to create a Coaching e-Book that can bring you new clients every day, from all over the world
How to quickly develop the “Client Getting Habit”… so every day you automatically do what needs to be done, to get all the clients you need
You’ll get 25 cutting-edge trainings plus 25 LIVE Client Getting Clinics with my team. And on some of the clinics you’ll even have a chance to have my team personally review your marketing.
When you complete Client Getting Mastery we believe that you’ll know more about getting clients than 99% of all coaches — this can give you an incredible advantage as you build your coaching practice.
Client Getting Mastery is one of the things that really sets the Virtual Coach apart from everything else out there. We are world-class Internet marketing experts. I’ve personally sold over $100 million dollars of digital products and coaching programs online. I’ve attracted over 1 million paying clients and customers… and my client getting team eats, breathes, and sleeps this stuff.
The way I see it, no other coaching training program can even come close to what we can show you about getting clients online, there’s just no comparison!
Value: $5,000

Wake Up Productive
Wake Up Productive is a set of tools and habit-creation systems that I guarantee will double your productivity.
This training is easy to consume and highly effective…
If you’re going to build your coaching practice, you need more time to do it. And I’d like to give you that additional time, by making everything you do twice as productive.
Here’s what’s inside…
You’re going to learn why most time management systems DON’T WORK long-term…
You’re going to learn how to structure your time so you STOP getting interrupted and distracted…
You’re going to learn the key reason why most people can’t ever take control of their time, and how to overcome this obstacle for the long-term
You’re going to learn how to set up your day so that you AUTOMATICALLY do the important things – and AUTOMATICALLY avoid getting pulled away to do things that get you no results
Time Management is KEY to success in business and life, and this training is going to show you how to master it…
Even though this program ISN’T ABOUT Information marketing or coaching, you just might wind up making more money from THIS training than any other… because it’s about doubling your PERSONAL PRODUCTIVITY… WHATEVER you’re doing.
Value: $497
Marketing Step-By-Step
Master marketing so you can get as many customers as you need for your business.
Everyone intuitively knows that marketing is the key business-building skill for new entrepreneurs.
When you finish this course, you’ll be able to create advertising, marketing, and follow-up systems that work far better than most people and businesses.
Inside of Marketing Step By Step, you’ll learn…
How to think like a customer in order to create marketing that attracts a flood of prospects who are already looking for YOUR exact product or service!
How to tap into your customers’ emotional “hot buttons” to trigger buying behavior
Why customer “avatars” are the secret key to your marketing success and how to create one.
Why trying to copy the marketing techniques of successful companies is one of the BIGGEST mistakes you can make
How to position your product so you have NO competition…while also making it the #1 product in its category
A proven, step-by-step system for getting traffic and leads, capturing prospects, and converting them to customers
How to dramatically increase sales by giving away something of real value…plus 4 things you can offer to customers for free that will get them to buy a lot more
How to write headlines and copy that really SELL, including all of my favorite headline and copy formulas and fill-in-the-blanks exercises to write great copy instantly
How to design simple web pages and marketing materials that boost your conversions
Value: $997

Tech Tool Trainings
The next bonus you are going to receive when you register for Virtual Coach is going to walk you through how to setup your online tools, so you can build a system that actually automates your entire business.
In the Tech Tool Trainings, we will walk you step-by-step, and click-by-click through how to set up and use the 12 most important technology tools online.
Each week, you’ll learn to use one tool, and in the process, you’ll build your complete online business system… even if you’re starting from scratch.

PRICE: You can get this course with only $127

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