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At the foundation of this product is a 6 module “Look Over the Shoulder” Video training program, accompanied by my very own custom made software, bonus training modules, and even bonus software, coaching calls, and even a Facebook Group coaching….
It´s the real deal, so I want to go over in detail the actual components of what you´re actually getting when you invest in SEO Black Ops.

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Module # 1: Finding a Niche
This module includes 3 videos that show you the “Right” way to find a profitable niche to go after. This is the foundation and I show you strategies for finding red hot markets with buyer intent that I´ve never seen anyone else share…
After watching, you´ll know exactly what keywords to target.

Module# 2: How to Uncover High Authority Aged Domains.
This module consists of 3 videos where I show you exactly what to look for when buying aged domains and howto avoid any pitfalls.
You´ll see my exact techniques for buying sites for my network as well as for buying for my money site.
Nothing is left out…

Module # 3: Getting Content
This training i show you where to get content for your money sites as well as foryourblog network.
I show you where l’m getting content on the cheap as well as we begin setting up your very first tier 1 site.

Module # 4: Site Setup
This module consist of 4 videos where I reveal how to properly setup your site in such a way that Google loves…
When done properly, it takes even less backlinks to rank your site. As you´ll see in this case study our site has already began to rank with no content.
I show you how to setup your site in such a way that´s Google friendly so that when you start sending backlinks your site will soar…

Module # 5: Setup Of Tier 1
This module consist of 3 videos showing you exactly how to setup your tier 1 site and how to make your first posts across your network using the BOS plugin.
I also show you a super cool, free resource to search and reserver your keywords across social networks.

Module # 6: Multi- Tiered Linking
This module consist of 5 videos showing you how l’m supplementing my blog network links with links from web 2.0 sites.
Plus, much more…

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