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Brad Cleveland – Quality Standards in Customer Service

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Quality Standards in Customer Service

Name Product: Quality Standards in Customer Service
Market price: $12
Instructor:  Brad Cleveland
File Size: 446.13 MB

“Customer service” can mean many different things, but there are unifying principles across all customer-facing operations. Whether yours is a contact center, face-to-face retail, social media group handling service issues, or other type of organization, this course provides the practical know-how, real-life examples, and the direction you need to get the most out of your quality initiatives. Watch and learn how to establish quality standards in customer service, and improve loyalty, revenue, customer satisfaction, and employee engagement. Read the rest of this entry »


Ron Stefanski – Email Marketing Made Easy For Beginners

Name Product: Email Marketing Made Easy For Beginners
Market price: FREE
Instructor:  Ron Stefanski
File Size: 351 MB

Learn The Basics of Creating Effective Email Marketing Campaigns That Make Your Business More Successful
Email marketing is by far the most effective internet marketing method that you can use in an online business. It doesn’t matter if you sell products, services, or simply rely on advertising to make money from your website, email marketing will give you the greatest return on investment in all online business models. Read the rest of this entry »


Alex Genadinik – WordPress Plugin Business & Marketing Plugins (No Coding)

Name Product: WordPress Plugin Business & Marketing Plugins (No Coding)
Market price: $15
Instructor:  Alex Genadinik
File Size: 1.17 MB

Start a WordPress plugin business! Learn WordPress plugin, marketing strategies & make passive income with WP plugins
This WordPress plugins course will teach you how to start and grow a business making WordPress plugins. WordPress powers 20% of all websites on the Internet, which means that if you create a successful WordPress plugin, it can be a very lucrative business where you can get many customers, and make a lot of money. Read the rest of this entry »


Charles Cornelius – Business English Vocabulary

Name Product: Business English Vocabulary
Market price: $15
Instructor:  Charles Cornelius
File Size: 904 MB

Improve your reading, writing, speaking and listening in English and improve your business communication
This online Business English course will help you to understand and use over 150 words essential for doing business in English.
This course is designed for people who use Business English and want to improve their ability to speak, write, read and listen in English.
This course uses my unique language learning technique, used by thousands of students worldwide. Read the rest of this entry »


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We make policy changes.
From 9/10/2017
1. We use Torent as the hosting tool of course. Besides, users can download from Mega, PCloud, Radigator, Nitroflare
2. For [Special Offer]. Users will be free to download after 45 days since we post

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Naveen Kumar A – Learn Business Negotiation Skills

Name Product: Learn Business Negotiation Skills
Market price: $15
Instructor:  Naveen Kumar A
File Size: 102 MB

you will learn about business negotiation skills in business world
This course is dedicated in learning business negotiation skills. A negotiation is a conversation between two or more individuals for reaching at a mutually benefiting conclusion. This point may benefit all of the participating entities, or just a single party, some of them, or all of them. Negotiation Skills are focused on resolving differences for the benefit of an individual or a group, or to satisfy various interests. In this course, we will discuss the skills that you need to do a successful business deals. These Skills are mostly necessary for those individuals, who work with the sales and marketing portfolio. this course is not for experts in this field Read the rest of this entry »


Elements by Christina Berkley – Evercoach

Elements by Christina Berkley - Evercoach
Elements by Christina Berkley – Evercoach
Price:  $299
You Just Pay: $21.95
Author: Christina Berkley
Sale Page :_
Product Delivery : You will receive a receipt with download link through email.
Contact me for the proof and payment detail: email_[email protected] Or Skype_Macbus87

Discover the Elements of a Sustainable and Totally Achievable 6-Figure Coaching Practice
Learn how to design a solid action plan customized to your goals and personal style to achieve your dream coaching practice — so you can finally enjoy the income and impact you desire without burning out, losing joy, or compromising on your freedom ever again.\ Read the rest of this entry »

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