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Munish Kapoor – Learn How To Deploy Node.Js App on Google Compute Engine

Name Product: Learn How To Deploy Node.Js App on Google Compute Engine
Market price: $20
Instructor:  Munish Kapoor
File Size:134MB

In this course you will learn How you can deploy your Node.JS application on Google Compute Engine
In this course we’ll look at How to deploy Node.JS app on Google Cloud Infrastructure. So no previous knowledge is expected and just about anyone can benefit from it. Nevertheless, some basic experience with the Linux Command Line Interface might be useful.
There are many factors to consider when choosing a platform for your enterprise applications or customers. When AnyPresence debated the adoption of Java, .Net, or Node.JS for our enterprise development platform, the decision wasn’t obvious or made overnight. In the end, the scalability, speed, enterprise readiness, and community support of Node.JS swayed our engineers.
If you’re building your next-generation scalable applications – especially APIs for mobile and Web integration in IoT – then this course is for you. Read the rest of this entry »


Viktor Jiracek – Double your Day: How to Get More Done in Less Time

Name Product: Double your Day: How to Get More Done in Less Time
Market price: $200
Instructor:  Viktor Jiracek
File Size:457MB

74+ Proven Productivity Hacks to Help you Get Work Done More Effectively and Efficiently in Less Time using Less Energy!
You’re reading this because you want to get more done in less time.
Or maybe you already are good at productivity and want to take things to the next level?
Everybody can benefit from improving their productivity.
Personally- I’m here for two reasons:
The first? Read the rest of this entry »


Jamie Shanks – Lynda – Social Selling Foundations

Name Product: Social Selling Foundations
Market price: $45
Instructor:  Jamie Shanks
File Size: 357MB

Your customers and prospects are sharing much about what’s going on in their lives publicly on social media—from their favorite hiking spots to their latest professional moves.
As a salesperson, you know that this information can help you do your job better, but getting started can seem overwhelming. In this course, Hannah Goldberg—head of North America key accounts at LinkedIn—explains the basics of social selling and shares how leveraging your social network can help you more effectively target, understand, and engage with prospects. Along with showing how to cultivate your online professional brand, Hannah shares templates that can help you start building relationships with your prospects, and shows how to measure your social selling success. Read the rest of this entry »


Mitch Stevens – Youtube SEO Secrets Start Ranking #1: Tips To Crush Youtube

Name Product: Youtube SEO Secrets Start Ranking #1: Tips To Crush Youtube
Market price: $20
Instructor:  Mitch Stevens
File Size:634MB

Google & Youtube Rank #1 + SEO Strategies For More Youtube Traffic: Learn To Rank Every Video Better In Search Results
Build a full understanding of Youtube Video Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for beginners.
What Students will learn:
How Videos Rank on Youtube
Key Factors for Ranking Videos Higher on Youtube
Optimizing Youtube Factors such as Title, Tags, and Description for SEO
Effectively using annotations for SEO
Thumbnail Designs do improve SEO
How To Design Youtube Thumbnails for better SE
How to use Playlist for better SEO Read the rest of this entry »


Yair Schoenfeld – Discover how to use the secrets of Business Networking!

Name Product: Discover how to use the secrets of Business Networking!
Market price: $35
Instructor:  Yair Schoenfeld
File Size:1.45GB

The 7 useful networking principles that will simply boost your business to success!
At every moment, there is an endless amount of opportunities that are waiting for us somewhere out there! Sometimes, the difference between success or failure is just having the information about these opportunities.
These valuable information is always in other people minds! A strong, large and supporting network would help you very much maximizing the potential of opportunities that might contribute a lot to your success! Read the rest of this entry »


Ilya Eremenko – Business Analysis: BPMN 2.0 in Practice

Name Product: Business Analysis: BPMN 2.0 in Practice
Market price: $200
Instructor:  Ilya Eremenko, Kirill Eremenko, SuperDataScience Team
File Size:186MB

A-Z guide to creating professional BPMN process maps
The course helps you understand and use BPMN language and also draw high quality process maps for various reasons ranging from improvement to system implementation. It is designed for process modellers, process and business analysts and process consultants and essentially anyone who is interested to know more about business processes.
You will learn about BPMN (Business process modelling notation) in details and will also understand BPM (Business Process Management) cycle. The software used is Ms. Visio but for those who do not have access to Visio free web tools are introduced. The course can be covered in about an hour. although you will no doubt make some mistakes along the way, you will find it a very financially and personally satisfying journey. Read the rest of this entry »


Mr. Yariv Gai – Sell Jewelry : How to start your jewelry business?

Name Product: Sell Jewelry : How to start your jewelry business?
Market price: $20
Instructor:  Mr. Yariv Gai
File Size:189MB

Sell Jewelry Online
Sell Jewelry Online: How to start your jewelry business?
Online jewelry marketing and merchandising techniques used in some of the most successful jewelry stores on the internet.
There are plenty of ways to sell your jewelry to your niche market but perhaps one of the easiest and most scalable options is by selling it via the internet. Join the Sell Jewelry Online Course for jewelry merchandisers and learn how you can set up and run a successful jewelry selling business on the internet.
For only a small fee, you will get over $450 worth of online marketing lessons along with dedicated support specifically focused on the jewelry selling niche to help get your business rolling.
There are probably blogs on the internet with bits and pieces of information on how to sell your jewelry online but here I offer you the entire package in only a few hours. I am drawing from my experience in the jewelry industry, connections in the industry as well as my knowledge of internet marketing tailored for jewelry selling to offer you a high-powered course that will impart the core skills you need to sell your jewelry.
Successful jewelry business does not just require an eye for the artistry and finest craftsmanship in the jewelry. You also need good online marketing abilities and a good business sense. Read the rest of this entry »

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