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Introducing the Recurring Revenue
Generating, Community Building Blueprint:

Chapter 1:
Building a Million Dollar Community
Based Business from the Top Down.
If I just taught you how to get paid monthly to build an online group that would be pretty amazing. I’m not stopping there however. This book is much bigger than just that.
You’re also going to learn how to create a full business using the things you create for your community. Inside of this section I’m spilling the blueprint that I use to create content and make money selling it in different ways 4 different ways.
This one chapter will show you the 4 different layers to the business and the exact order in which you build them to make money through the entire process. (if you do this out of order you’ll be costing yourself a fortune and doing everything the hard way).

Chapter 2:
The Tech Behind Running an Online Paid Community.
This book  isn’t about concepts or theory. I’m going to give you the exact tools and setup that I use to run my groups and even walk you through how they all fit together.
In this section you’ll learn about the tech pieces that I use to run my business successfully.

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