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Name Product: Arthur Samuel Joseph – The Visual Voice Pro LIVE Training Course
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Once in a Lifetime Opportunity: Train LIVE With Arthur Joseph Just Like Arnold Schwarzenegger And Become A Marketing Superstar!
Watch This Video Now To Learn How To Instantly Hear The Way Your Voice Really Sounds

Have you ever recorded your voice, listened to the recording, and thought… that’s not MY VOICE?!
MOST PEOPLE who hear their voice recorded say THEY DON’T LIKE THE VOICE THEY HEAR!
Your Voice is the one thing that tells everyone instantly about who you are.
What is your Voice telling others about you?
Fear, Anxiety, Low Self-Esteem?
Or Strength, Confidence, and Trust?
As Arthur always says, you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.

Voice Affects Every Area of Your Life:
Your Career & Personal Branding
Your Relationships
Your Confidence & Self-Esteem
Your Business & Marketing

Now, for the first time, there is a proven solution to sounding your best in any and every situation:
Join The Visual Voice Pro LIVE Training Course!

Taught By Hollywood’s Legendary Voice Coach and Broadcast Trainer, Arthur Samuel Joseph!
Formerly on the faculty of the University of Southern California School of Theatre, Mr. Joseph has been a visiting artist at Yale and George Washington Universities, a guest lecturer at New York University, as well as traveled the world teaching Vocal Awareness.
He is the author of 5 books, multiple CDs and DVDs, and on-line courses. His most recent book, Vocal Leadership: 7- Minutes-a-Day to Communication Mastery, with foreword by Roger Goodell, Commissioner of the National Football League, was published by educational publisher McGraw-Hill.

Visceral Language was the First Step.
This LIVE Training Webinar Series will give you all the other elements of Vocal Awareness that Arthur teaches to his Professional Broadcast students.

The 2-Part LIVE Training Webinar will Prepare You For:
Career Advancement
Performance Anxiety
Personal Empowerment
Public Speaking
Radio/Voice Over
Speech Impediments
It all starts with who you are, and the ONE THING that shows people instantly who you are is your VOICE.

This Level of Training Has Never Been Shared With The Public Until Now!

The frightening truth is that the majority of people don’t like the sound of their own recorded voice.
It happens to nearly everyone.
It is a scientific fact that what we hear internally is different from what others hear of our voice externally.
There are many reasons for this.
The biggest reason is that you have unconscious habits that are sabotaging your voice.
Those habits are causing your voice to lose its strength, depth, confidence, resonance, and natural sound.
You think that you are speaking normally, but what other people hear is actually full of nervous noises, irregular pauses, and translates into self doubt
This makes the people listening to you NOT BELIEVE WHAT YOU ARE SAYING!
You could be LOSING TONS OF BUSINESS simply because you haven’t corrected your unconscious speaking habits.
And it’s not just business you are missing out on.  It’s relationships and other life opportunities as well.
Everything in your life is affected by your Voice.

Why NFL Wide Receiver Curtis Conway Thinks Voice Training is The Most Valuable Training in His Life
“Everyone, Even A Professional Athlete, Needs Voice Training.”

The most dangerous thought that can cross your mind is:
“I don’t care about the way others see me. It won’t make a difference in my life.”
Because it isn’t true!
That’s what acclaimed NFL player Curtis Conway thought before he retired from the sport and decided to go into the business world.
Suddenly, it wasn’t his physique that people cared about, it was his voice.
He found himself sitting in offices and board rooms talking to business people and CEO’s and he realized that he didn’t know how to speak like a professional.
He was in way over his head.  He could feel the judgements from those CEO’s and professionals.
He knew he was talented and highly intelligent, but he didn’t feel that way when he spoke.
He didn’t make other people feel that way.  He wasn’t communicating his true potential.
He needed to learn how to be confident, powerful, and to take command of the room.
He needed empowerment.  He needed Vocal Awareness.

If a successful professional athlete still needed to improve his voice and speaking confidence, do you think you could benefit from improving your voice?
Have you ever felt overlooked or under-appreciated?
Have you ever felt like people don’t listen to you as much as they should?
Have you ever felt like you weren’t fulfilling your true potential?
Have you ever looked at someone on TV, or in entertainment, or on the news, or on a stage, or even just in a board room or a business and thought, “I could do that.”
Have you ever felt like you deserved a higher position at work, or more customers for your business?

Your Fast Track To Success
Do you want to create your own marketing videos, podcast, or interviews?
Do you want to build a larger and more responsive list?
Are you preparing for a major presentation?
Need to tell someone important in your life something special?
Do you have a big event coming up and you want to make the best first impression?
Would you simply like to be proud of and enjoy the sound of your own Voice?

Anyone who is serious about training their voice to be its best must take a course with Arthur and learn the full range of Vocal Awareness techniques.

Who better to train your voice than the man who has trained all the major movie stars from Arnold Schwarzenegger to Peirce Brosnan, and the world’s top speakers, business leaders, newscasters and broadcasters?

A Priceless Education From Hollywood’s Best
The world’s foremost authority on the power of the human voice is here to help you find your true Voice.

Get Specific Instruction on Your Personal Voice
Learn the strengths and weaknesses of your voice and how you can improve it quickly and effectively for maximum results.

Train Like The Top Performers in the World
Learn the exact exercises and strategies that Arthur teaches to the top performers in the world and get the advice you need to turn your voice from good, to great, to POWERFUL!

Vocal Awareness is THE premier vocal training program in the world when it comes to finding your true voice, empowering yourself with your speech.

Imagine that you have complete control over the tone, resonance, and sound of your voice, that you are vocally aware, at all times.
Imagine that you could command the room in any circumstance.
Imagine that when you spoke, people couldn’t take their eyes off you.
Do you think that would improve your confidence?
Do you think it would improve your business and career?
Do you think it would improve your dating life, marriage and other important relationships?
Do you think that would improve your overall enjoyment of life?….!

Name Product: Arthur Samuel Joseph – The Visual Voice Pro LIVE Training Course
Market price: $97
Author: Arthur Samuel Joseph
Website Sale:

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