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Bob McGannon – Project Management Foundations: Budgets

Name Product: Project Management Foundations: Budgets
Market price: $29
Instructor:  Bob McGannon
File Size: 515.5 MB

In this course, designed for project management professionals and other leads who need to get a handle on their costs, author and PMP® Bob McGannon shows you how to build a solid budget around a work breakdown structure, work with costing standards, and examine capital versus operating costs. The course then teaches how to build, manage, and monitor the budget and shares tips from the trenches of real projects. Plus, get practical advice on recovering from overruns and dealing with scope changes. Read the rest of this entry »


Chris Converse – Creating a Responsive Web Experience

Name Product: Creating a Responsive Web Experience
Market price: $29
Instructor:  Chris Converse
File Size: 305.5 MB

Many times, simply resizing your web design is not enough to create a satisfying user experience. This course helps you make your webpages more responsive to different screen sizes with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Chris Converse shows how to modify your existing HTML, dynamically load content, animate elements on the page, and collapse the navigation on smaller screens—while allowing users to expand menus with a tap of their finger. Read the rest of this entry »


Brad Wheeler – Extending and Optimizing a Wi-Fi Network for Small Businesses

Name Product: Extending and Optimizing a Wi-Fi Network for Small Businesses
Market price: $29
Instructor:  Brad Wheeler
File Size: 193.8 MB

Make your Wi-Fi network better: faster, more secure, and more reliable. Brad Wheeler shows how to test your connection quality, throughput, and interference with site surveys, and use the results to diagnose common wireless problems. He’ll also show viewers how to change both basic and “hidden” settings, upgrade existing firmware, and even download third-party firmware that can unlock hidden functionality. Read the rest of this entry »


John Siegel, Leilani Cannon – How to Land a Six Figure Pharmaceutical Sales Job

Name Product: How to Land a Six Figure Pharmaceutical Sales Job
Market price: FREE
Instructor:  John Siegel, Leilani Cannon
File Size: 436 MB

Your personal start to finish guide to landing your dream job in pharmaceutical sales.
***UPDATE for 2017*** we are now offering this course for free, and in so doing this course no longer comes with the free internal referrals. Please disregard those mentions of the free internal referrals that are in the course. If after finishing the course you would like help with your resume, brag book, interview prep, and internal referrals (at our discretion) you can book one on one coaching sessions with either Leilani or John (or both for an additional fee). Our hourly fee is $100 or $175 for 2 hours. Read the rest of this entry »


Charles Cornelius – Business English Vocabulary

Name Product: Business English Vocabulary
Market price: $15
Instructor:  Charles Cornelius
File Size: 904 MB

Improve your reading, writing, speaking and listening in English and improve your business communication
This online Business English course will help you to understand and use over 150 words essential for doing business in English.
This course is designed for people who use Business English and want to improve their ability to speak, write, read and listen in English.
This course uses my unique language learning technique, used by thousands of students worldwide. Read the rest of this entry »

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